Support for LGBT relationships

Support for LGBT relationships


At Relate London South East we recognise that people in same sex relationships experience many of the same issues as those in any other relationship. However, we also know that there may be other factors and pressures that can affect people if they are transgender or in a same sex relationship. We are working closely with eQuality to improve the services we offer to the LGBT community.


Our counsellors regularly see LGBT people and help them to build stronger relationships, examples of issues that may be experienced by people in same sex relationships are;

• Same sex relationships may be seen as less valid than heterosexual relationships
• Supporting a couple when one person is in the process of gender reassignment
• Supporting children if a parent is in the process of gender reassignment
• Dealing with coming out – what if one partner wants to, but the other doesn’t?
• Being in a heterosexual relationship but wanting to be in a same sex relationship
• Having children within a same sex relationship can bring up many issues: how to conceive your child, responses or lack of support from families and community as well as supporting your children as they grow up.

We can help with these issues, people often find that talking things through with a counsellor really helps them and their relationship.

Family Counselling

Your relationship with your whole family might need some help to run a bit more smoothly. You can come to us for help dealing with your parents and siblings, or with how you are getting along with your children. Family counselling can help and we have a range of services that can help.

Sex Therapy

Sometimes, our sex lives can affect our relationship. You might have questions that our sex therapists can help with. You can talk to one of our sex therapists at Relate London South East. For more about relationship counselling see our section on Sex therapy and find out more about what we can do to help with any problems you might be having.

Booking an appointment

Please call 0300 003 3225 to discuss your options and to book an appointment.