Family counselling

Family counselling 70% of Relate respondents felt more able to deal with the arrival or ongoing care of their children

Family counselling provides a safe space for you to explore any difficulties with family members. You may be arguing, need support with same-sex parenting or with changes like separation, new step families or perhaps you have lost touch with a family member and would like to help rebuild relationships or accept what has happened. Whatever it is, we can help you to come to terms with things and find a way forward.

What will happen?

You may gain an increased understanding to make choices about how you manage your relationships within the family setting, develop more effective ways of managing areas of difficulty within the family and develop better communication both within a couple relationship and across generations. We can also offer information on other courses of help which may further improve your situation.

How to book an appointment

Please call 0300 003 3225 to discuss your options and to book an appointment.