Education and learning

Education and learningWe can help you to develop important life skills, whether you want to improve your couple relationship, move on after a break up, be a better parent or develop your career. If you would like further information on the courses available please click here.

We also provide courses for professionals including ‘Supporting Others: An Introduction to Counselling Skills’. This course is aimed at those engaged in a helping or supporting role privately or professionally. The purpose of the course is to offer some of the skills necessary for working one to one with individuals and families.

All Relate courses are taught by experienced counsellors/trainers, who are part of a skilled network, professionally trained and supervised by Relate. We aim to provide a safe, comfortable environment with the emphasis on participative and experiential learning.


Business and voluntary sector training
Relate has designed and developed courses for a variety of organisations ranging from large corporations to charities and government agencies.
UK business loses £12.2 billion a year through absenteeism. Much of this is due to relationship problems at work and home. Relate being one of the leading UK relationship experts and operating in your local community can offer help and solutions to reduce these problems.

Relate offers courses including:
Be a Buddy
Building Emotional Capital (BEC)
Counselling Skills for Non Counsellors
Supporting Others – An Introduction to Counselling Skills
From Partner to Parents
Further Application of Counselling Skills
Inside Out
Introduction to Relationship Counselling Skills
Moving Forward
Parents Apart
Parents Information Programme
Peer Lessons
Riding The Storm
Supporting Families
Taking Charge Of Your Life
Together Apart
Understanding Relationships

In addition, we can also design and deliver programmes tailored to the needs of your organisation including listening and advice giving skills and managing emotional clients. The training will usually take place in small groups. We encourage people to talk about their experiences and to apply what they learn to their own work situations. Our courses can also lead to recognised qualifications through our accredited learning programme.

Relate can provide tailored workshops or courses on relationship issues that deal with the sensitive matters of peer pressure, bullying, understanding of sexual development and dealing with pressure and stress.

As Relate has so much experience of helping people with relationship problems, we are well placed to work with young people to help them be prepared for their life changes and pressures so that they will be in a good position to deal with any future eventualities.

All of the Relate workshops and courses can be tailored to the requirements of secondary schools, colleges or youth groups.

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