Children and young people’s counselling

Children and Young people's counsellingRelate London SE provides children and young people’s counselling for those aged 6-18 years old. With more and more young people coming to Relate with issues as far apart as depression and mental health problems to issues with their parents or people at school, coming to see a Relate counsellor helps because they are independent from school and home life.

What can I expect from this service?
You can expect to be helped by a supportive and non-judgmental counsellor either at a local Relate Centre near your home, or you might see a counsellor in school. You can be referred by a teacher, social worker, or you can ask to see a counsellor yourself – what you say is confidential, unless the counsellor is worried for your safety.

How to book an appointment

Please call 0300 003 3225 to discuss your options and to book an appointment.

If you are looking for counselling services for young people between the ages of 11-23, please contact ‘Bromley Y’. To find out more about ‘Bromley Y’, click here.